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Oral Bacteria: Get the Facts

We all have bacteria in our mouth, good and bad. But what exactly do these bacteria do? We’ve got all kinds of information on the role bacteria play in your oral health. Learn more about those pesky bacteria in your mouth! Fact #1 There are anywhere between 500 and 1,000 different kinds of bacteria in […]

Dental Implants: High Tech Teeth

What are dental implants? Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a foundation for both fixed and removable replacement teeth. Like roots, dental implants are secured within the jawbone and not visible once surgically placed. Teeth replacement is not new to dental technology. Early civilizations practiced teeth replacements; archaeologists have discovered skulls where teeth […]

The History Behind Invisalign

It’s 2016, unless you’ve been spending a substantial amount of time under a rock, you have heard of Invisalign a time or two. Those who had braces before 2005 probably had very few choices when it came to orthodontic treatment; generations that underwent metal braces, with no alternatives. Most know of Invisalign as the invisible method of […]