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One of the things we try to do here is keep the mood light and happy. We want to have a place we like to come to work to, so our aim is to keep everybody in as good a mood as possible. We focus on you as a person and not a money target […]

Commitment to Quality

We never want you leaving our office feeling ugly. When you get a crown, filling or denture, we double and triple check with you first if you like it enough to live with it. If you want to make changes to anything we do, its free of charge. If you spend your valuable time and […]

What is tooth enamel?

We thought you would never ask! Please read on

When and how often should you brush your teeth?

read this article on the mayo clinic website for tips on the best time to brush your teeth

Does Sugar Really Cause Cavities?

What is it exactly that causes cavities? Is it sugar or could it be something alse that leads to tooth decay? Read this very informative article to find out more