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Hate Goopy Impressions?

Well check out how you can have a DIGITAL impression taken at the dentist–no mess, no fuss! You can even post it on facebook if you want 🙂


Here are some interesting facts about flossing   1. flossing reduces cavities by 75% over not flossing 2. Flossing makes your breath smell better 3. Floss does not hurt your gums! 4. In fact, healthy gums will NOT bleed when you floss.  5. Flossing makes you feel like a million bucks! 🙂  


When you get dentures at Renew Dental, they will fit well, look great, and function well. They’re also guaranteed for life!

Getting to Know You

There are many times when we spend a good portion of your visit just talking with you, about your treatment concerns or whatever else is on your mind. We never rush you!

Our Philosophy

One of the things we always do at Renew Dental is make sure patients know everything there is to know about each procedure they need, what it entails and what they can expect afterwards.